iTunes library backup on external hard drive

How to back up the iTunes library to an external drive?

Ever tried to back up your entire iTunes library with iTunes? Ok. Get a pile of DVDs and take a free day. You’ll have to change the DVDs about every 20 minutes and you’ll need at least 5 DVDs for only 20 GB of music, apps, etc.
There has to be an easier way? You’re right. Using CopyTrans TuneSwift you just need your external drive and some minutes.

After downloading and installing the iTunes backup tool on your computer, start the application. You’ll find a very simple interface, consisting of three buttons, allowing you to
  • Transfer iTunes
  • Backup the iTunes library and
  • Restore the iTunes library to an new PC or Mac

As we’re going to make a backup on an external drive, we hit the Backup button.

If it is the first time that you’re doing an iTunes backup with CopyTrans TuneSwift you have to select “Full Backup”.

The incremental backups serve to save the latest changes of your iTunes library to an existing backup. This saves you time and energy :-)

Once you’ve chosen the full backup, click on the Browse button. Select the external hard drive from the menu and confirm your choice. Start the Backup and lean back.

CopyTrans TuneSwift will now back up all of your iTunes library contents like music, films, videos, podcasts, audio books, books, applications, playlists and tags...

Once TuneSwift finished backing up your iTunes library you’ll be notified. The iTunes backup file has been successfully stored on your external drive. The iTunes backup is split into 4GB archives, allowing you to store the backup on every drive, regardless of its format.