Move iTunes to external hard drive

Your iTunes library threatens to take over your PC and you’re looking for an easy way to move your iTunes library to an external hard drive?
Download it here:

Copy iTunes to another PC using TuneSwift

1. Install TuneSwift and launch the program. The interface will guide through all the process to transfer your iTunes library to an external drive.  In the main window choose “Transfer”

2. Then select “ Transfer iTunes to PC (Windows)

3. Next, click on “Transfer iTunes library to External hard drive

4. To choose the new location of your iTunes library click on the Browse button - Note: The external hard drive needs to be connected by now

‎5. Select your external hard drive from the pop up window and confirm with a click on “OK”

6. Now, click on “Transfer” and lean back, once TuneSwift finished the transfer you’ll be notified

7. Your iTunes library has been successfully transferred to your external hard drive