Transfer iTunes to a new computer

You’ve spent years carefully building your iTunes library. You filled it with songs, playlists, ratings, apps, books etc. Now you’re wondering how to transfer your entire iTunes library to a new computer? There are some ways (like the manual transfer of your iTunes library), but honestly the easiest one is TuneSwift. With some clicks only, you can transfer iTunes from your old PC to a new PC or Mac. All your settings and even the iOS Backups will be transferred.

How to Transfer my iTunes library to another computer?

Get CopyTrans TuneSwift from the following page: Move iTunes to another computer

After you installed TuneSwift on your PC, open the program and you’ll find a very simplified interface. Basically you’ve the choice between:

  • Transfer iTunes
  • Backup iTunes
  • Restore iTunes

transfer itunes to another computer

In this case I’ve chosen the first button called "Transfer". As I want to transfer iTunes from my Desktop to my new Laptop, I then chose PC (Windows).

transfer itunes from pc to mac

In the 3rd window I hit the "New Computer" button.

itunes library backup on external drive

Now I connected my external drive to my computer to store the iTunes backup file. This backup file will be restored later on to the new computer. I clicked "Browse", selected the external hard drive, named the iTunes backup file and confirmed my choice. I hit the "Start Transfer" button and TuneSwift started immediately transferring my iTunes library to the drive.

copy itunes to external hard drive

The good thing here is, that you don’t have to stay beside your computer to change DVDs or something else. I went for a walk and when I came back TuneSwift had already finished the transfer and summarized it.

I ejected the hard drive, started my new laptop, installed TuneSwift, launched the application and selected "Restore". Now I connected the external drive to my laptop clicked the above "Browse" button to select the iTunes backup file from the external drive. Then I clicked the lower "Browse" button to select the new location of my iTunes library on the laptop (E.g. D: -> My Documents -> My Music). Now I hold my breath and clicked the restore button. Alike the iTunes library backup, TuneSwift started immediately with the validation and restore of my iTunes library from the backup archive. It took once again about an hour (I’ve about 12 GB) and TuneSwift notified me finally about the successful iTunes library restore.

I closed TuneSwift, opened iTunes and there it was! My music, apps, playlists, artwork, ratings... - everything exactly the way it was on my old machine. I never thought it would be that easy.